Story Behind Mindwell

I am Mariam, a chocolate, coffee and nature lover. I have a story full of ups and downs, of tragedies and over joys, full of life. And through it all this is the one habit that have made the most difference with me. I journal everyday about five things that I am grateful for as a part of my morning routine. and here I am inviting you to join me on this ride that will literally change your life. Share your daily writings with us and don’t forget to tag or mention so we can give you a shout out!



Affirmations are powerful phrases that can profoundly impact our lives when integrated as daily practices. Regularly immersing in positive, uplifting affirmations transforms limiting mindsets, unlocks our potential, and opens the door to new possibilities. These simple but intentional words reframe how we see ourselves and the world, elevating our consciousness to manifest more joy, creativity, abundance, and meaning in our lives. Crafted affirmations nurture, strengthen, and expand us.



Get started into the habit of Gratitude journaling and watch your life changing for the better. Our journals contain daily journaling prompts for gratitude, affirmations and a prayer enough for five months along with some coaching activities to better get you delve deeper into wellness through journalling. Our original journals are hard cover, and they have a back pocket to keep your cards, papers organized, and they come with a set of stickers intended to be used in one of the activities inside. Start your journey towards Joy today.



Divorce is an immense life change with emotional ups and downs. Healing and staying empowered through it requires daily self-care. These 60 mantras are designed to help you rediscover your inner light. Crafted with care, they provide strength to help release the past, rebuild self-worth, and embrace new beginnings after divorce. Immersing in the uplifting truths will nurture resilience, optimism, and clarity so you can emerge renewed. Each positive mantra is a step toward reclaiming your joy. With wisdom and support, these words help guide you through the darkness into a whole new life phase filled with possibility.



Becoming a mother is one of life's most sacred transitions. Immersing daily in encouraging affirmations designed for expecting mothers provides the wisdom, strength, and tranquility needed to embrace this profound change with an uplifted spirit. These thoughtful mantras nurture self-belief, instill calm, and uncover the gifts in each moment so you can navigate your pregnancy with joy, confidence, and purpose. Crafted specifically for your journey, these 60 affirmations will empower you to feel supported, grounded, and embraced by the beauty of bringing new life into the world.



Elevate your daily planning and goal setting with the Own The Day journal. Featuring a stylish rose gold embossed cover, this 28.5cm x 18.5cm journal includes 100 lined pages ready for all your thoughts, to-dos, and inspirations. The "Own The Day" lettering inspires you to make each day count and pursue your dreams. The elegant design elevates this journal from a simple notebook to a manifestation tool for owning each day. Let this journal motivate you to live with intention, focus, and purpose.



Ready, set, goal! The Go For It journal is the perfect motivational tool to help you make things happen. With a bold gold embossed "Go For It" cover, this 28.5cm x 18.5cm lined journal gives you 100 pages to plan out and crush your objectives. The inspiring words on the cover fuel you to take action, dream big, and achieve your ambitions. The convenient size easily fits in your bag for on-the-go productivity. Whether you're mapping out your entrepreneurial ideas, getting organized, or journaling your personal growth, let the Go For It journal help push you to new heights. Write, reflect, and make things happen. Don't just think about your goals, get motivated to go for it!

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